The Choice

January 20, 2010

By: Nicholas Sparks
Reviewed by: Tetiana Steika
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

At 32 and single Travis is wondering if he will ever get married. One of his goals in life was to settle down and start a family. All of his friends are married and have kids but him, he’s still the lonely bachelor of the group.   Whenever his friends come over they make him long to have a family more and more. After dating so many girls that he lost count, Travis simply gave up going out.  He’s a vet soon to take over his father’s practice, goes to the gym, sails, and owns a dog named Moby .There was nothing more he wanted except a wife and kids. He notices a new neighbor but she seems to keep to herself and doesn’t bother to come over and thank him for the basket he left on her doorstep. One day as he was sitting out on his back porch feeling sorry for himself that all his friends have left and his sister is late to come over. He throws the ball and Moby chases after it and never seems to tire of the game. He lets the ball fly just as his neighbor comes through the bushes. Moby being a dog and not letting anything stop him from getting the ball plows her over and retrieves the ball.

Gabby Holland finds herself on the ground with a raging headache wondering whatever just happened to her. She saw the ball but didn’t expect the brown mat of fur to plow her over. And this was the dog who had gotten her little Molly pregnant now she remembered why she was coming over. When Travis came over to help her up she was totally surprised. He wasn’t bad looking but she already had a boyfriend and this man needed to keep a closer reign of his dog. She sat up and glared at the guy. He smiled and asked her if he would come to talk on the porch. She agreed and followed him and started blabbing why she had come over . She talked for about 10 minutes strait an then asked him what he had to say. Of course he denied that his big old nasty looking dog had gotten her beautiful fragile Molly pregnant. After he said that Moby was neutered she felt really stupid.  She had yelled at him and he wasn’t even responsible. How embarrassing.

After 3 months of dating Travis and Gabby get married. They settle down and have kids. Everything is fine until the accident. Gabby is knocked unconscious. She slips into a comma and Travis after 5 months of watching her sleep, has to decide if to keep her breathing or simply let her go. She would have wanted him just to tell the doctors to unplug the machines but what if she woke up? Travis couldn’t live with the thought of having removed all the machines and then having her wake up another month later but it being too late. Here was the big choice unplug the machines that kept his wife alive or simply let her go.

The Choice is a pretty good book. You totally don’t expect the ending. I am just glad I wasn’t in Travis’s shoes because I don’t know what I would have done. The title is very appropriate for the book and it’s a book that will keep you interested for a hour or two. The book could use a little editing of a couple boring parts but other wise its pretty good.

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