The Scorch Trials

October 27, 2013

By James Dashner
Science Fiction/ Fantasy
Reviewed by Josh Blazey
5 out of 5 stars

Thomas, an intelligent teenager leader, struggles to survive in the derailed world. Earth, once plentiful with life and healthy, has been scorched by sun flares. The climate, hindered by the disastrous flares, now produces extremely high temperatures and storms worse than ever seen before. All land between the two tropics (Cancer and Capricorn) is an uninhabitable wasteland. Half of the Earth’s population has been burnt to a crisp; the other half of people battle with a disease called, “the flare”. The sickness partially deteriorates a human’s mindset on life, letting them somewhat think, but stealing their morality. Those infected, nicknamed cranks are deported to the world’s spontaneously created deserts, before they search for other humans to devour. A group of twenty boys and one girl dwell with Thomas in the Scorch (area burned by the sun flares) and they have no idea about who they are. No one remembers their past life before they met each other, not even their very own name. All they know is that they’re life is controlled by a terrible agency named WICKED who planned and controls every event that happens along their trek to escape the Scorch. That’s not to say anyone has a clue what WICKED is or where they even are. Thomas and his ever dwindling number of friends must work together if there expect a change to survive.

The Scorch Trials is a unique book which tells of a future where the world is completely up-side down. Thomas and his friends must learn teamwork and how to cooperate with possible enemies in order to serve a greater purpose. As Thomas attempts to help lead his friends to safety, he constantly views flashbacks from his past where he realizes he once a member of WICKED. Thomas suffers through internal conflicts as he must decide upon a side to pick between his friends and WICKED. Reading the first book in the series called, The Maze Runner, is recommended before reading this book because the plot would be VERY difficult to follow without having background knowledge of the agency WICKED which the book is hugely based around. This book is a great book that is irresistible to read and leaves you wanting more.

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