Mind Gym

February 9, 2014

Non fiction
By Gary Mack with David Casstevens
Reviewed by Josh Blazey
5 out of 5 stars

Gary Mack is a leading sport physiologist counselor for professional athletes in every major sport, and explains how your mind influences your athletic performance as much as your physical skill does, if not more. Gary is consultant hired by many athletic individuals and teams across the world who with the help of David inscribes all his experiences and teachings in this inspiration novel. In their book, Gary and David teach how in every game or race, ninety percent of it is mental, and only ten percent is responsible for your physical capabilities. Gary teaches his forty lessons that all athletes must follow if they seek success in their life. This book provides many systems for success, such as how to set goals for yourself that are achievable yet still lofty enough to require sacrifice and inspire hard work. His teachings also revolve around the fact that a great athlete must be positively sensory oriented or simply seeing the good in every mistake as they are opportunities to improve. He also tells his audiences about anxiety and pressure as he informs athletes around the world, explaining how pressure is all in our minds. To make better competitors out of his students, he teaches that athletes must learn to overcome their emotions. He also reminds all of his followers of his seven characteristics of mental toughness, from competitive nature to courage.

“Sports psychology is the science of success. Studies show that with a group of athletes of equal ability, those who receive mental training outperform those who don’t almost every time. Mental skills, like physical skills, need constant practice.”(Casstevens17).

Mind Gym is an informational book in which athleticism is described as being ninety percent mental, stating that the only obstacle everyone faces is ultimately themselves. In this book the authors jump from the stories of one athlete to another. Along the way the physiologist constantly shares his tips and ideas for readers to consider. He does this by giving us his acronyms such as A.C.T and systems he uses and teaches his students to use. This book gives quotes at the beginning and end of each chapter which relate to the chapters purpose, also sharing the words from intelligent coaches that Gary as met with. This book is inspirational and can easily teach anyone to become a better person. In my opinion this is a great book for any person in a sport to read if they want to better themselves on another level.

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