November 7, 2013

Science Fiction
  By Orson Scott Card
  Reviewed by Thomas Shofkom
  Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Rigg, a thirteen year old boy, has a power that is one of a kind, the power to see the paths that people took in the past, be it recent or ancient. Rigg was tutored under his father, a man of secrets and a man that may not be Rigg’s true birth father. Rigg and his father were fur traders who trapped animals for a living. Even with his humble lifestyle, Rigg was taught in the ways of astronomy, rhetoric and many other fields that he had no idea why he needed to learn. Rigg’s tutorage and resolve is tested to the limit when his father dies and he is being blamed for killing a boy that he tried to save by risking his own life. He has to leave his home of Fall Ford to get to the city of Aressa Sessemo to find his sister. Rigg is also accompanied by a friend who has powers of his own. With his friend Umbo’s help Rigg can change the past and change the world. Can Rigg get to Aressa Sessemo alive and achieve his ultimate destiny, or will he fail and be crushed by his unknown enemies. Pathfinder awaits…

Pathfinder is great book that is well written and makes you want to keep reading. It leaves you hanging at the end of each chapter and makes you think about what is going to happen next. Pathfinder is written uniquely in a way that is different from what I normally ever read. It gradually gives you pieces to the mystery as the book progresses and some may hit at sudden moments in the reading and can be quite shocking. When I read this book it constantly kept me thinking and in many cases I figured out things before I read that particular part in the book. This book, as good as it is, can sometimes be confusing if you don’t read with concentration or because it will reveal something about the plot later in the book and you will have a sudden moment of understanding that will shock you and bring you onto the edge of your seat! This book is a must read for science fiction readers and anyone else for that matter. Start reading

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