The Maze Runner

November 5, 2013

A teenage boy awakens to a pounding headache. He doesn’t know his last name; only his first (Thomas). His memory has been “wiped” and he knows very little. He cannot remember any details from his life, not even his age. He opens his eyes and realizes he is in a pitch black room, yet slowly works his way around. A blinding light flashes him and a rope thuds to the ground in front of him. He reaches out and grabs it and starts to be pulled up a fifteen foot ascent. When he reaches the top, his eyes are adjusted to the blinding sun. He looks around to see around sixty or so other teenage boys surrounding him in a semi circle. He has arrived at the Glade, greeted by a boy who is about 5’8 and has
bright blue eyes, Newt who says “Welcome to the bloody Glade! Make yourself at home and try not to cause trouble and I think we will get along great!” Man, what a welcome.
The Glade is the home of several teenage boys who, like Thomas were sent to the Glade with their memories wiped. They have farms, a living area, weapons, and other living essentials. The Glade is surrounded by a never ending maze with menacing creatures lurking around every corner. Every night the maze walls rotate and the creatures come out. Thankfully the Glade is protected by giant walls that lock all the gruesome monsters out. Thomas, whether he knows it or not, is the start of “The End”. Strange things start to happen following Thomas’s arrival. Everything that has previously happened at the Glade will have to change. The old ways abandoned. Figuring a way out of the maze has never been a bigger problem as the end grows ever closer. Will Thomas overcome the shock of being sent to the Glade? Will the boys find a solution to the maze? How many crucial moments will they waste trying to figure the maze out? You can find all the answers in the book!
The Maze Runner is a very good book for anyone who likes a mystery or adventure themed book. The book is not too hard of a read and never disappoints. It never gets too boring and you never really get lost or confused in the book. The author, James Dashner, has done a great job at laying out this book. It is one of my favorites, ranking up there with Harry Potter. The author had the right amount of suspense to build up your nerves and get your heart racing. Overall it was a fantastic book! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fantasy book.

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