The Forsaken

October 27, 2013

Written By; Lisa Stasse
Reviewed by; Joanna LoGerfo
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The rules are simple.When you’re sixteen, you take the test. If it says that you’re a good egg, someone that isn’t capable of crime, you can stay. You’ll be able to live your life in the U.N.A, given the possibility of a future, even if that future means that you have no independence. But if the test says that you’re bad, that you have the capability of crime, you are sent to “The Land Across the Water”, a prison island where the “anomalies” battle each other for the right to live. This is a place that stays in complete chaotic anarchy. But don’t worry; only the anomalies are sent there…
Alenna Shawcross has been an orphan since she was ten. Since the government burst into her home, with the validation that her parents were traitors and took her only family away from her. Six years later, she is sitting in a small room, taking the test that would determine the rest of her life. And it would be determined that Allenna”s life was to be cut short, for she woke up on “The Land Across The Water”, a place where life expectancy was eighteen. Immediately she was pulled into the chaotic civil war that was raging between the two tribes that dominated the island. The tribe that took her in was on the losing side of the battle. They only had control over one section of the island, while the rivaling tribe controlled the rest. Except for the gray zone. No one controls the grey zone. Alenna quickly learned the only rules of the island. Watch your back. Never stop running. But just when she was getting over the shock of being landed in her worst nightmare she was thrown into another whirlwind of confusion and fear with the revelation of a possible escape from the island. But the catch was that the escape was in the heart of the grey zone. And no one controls the grey zone. But, despite the risks, she decides to accompany the expedition on their journey. But when someone she cared for is taken and the person who protected her and helped her from the beginning turns her back in anger, Alenna is forced to decide where she stands. Because she has unwillingly and unknowingly become an anomaly. And the government doesn’t appreciate their forsaken.
I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for an interesting read, but not something that takes a lot of commitment to remember. It has an easy plot line to follow but not simple enough to make it boring and predictable. I rated it four out of five stars mainly because, though I enjoyed reading it, I like more challenging books.
Lisa Stasse’s writing style was unique enough, and always kept a nice flow throughout the whole book. She never used one word or phrase too much, and didn’t make it too easy to guess the next plot twist of the story. Her book was mainly structured around the idea that change is always going to change you. Depending on how you take it, it will change you for the better or for worse. Though I’ve read books with more original plot lines, her book still kept me interested throughout t and left me with an fascinating idea to think about even after I had turned the last page and read the final word.

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