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The Great Gatsby: From Book to Movie

By Hannah Williams

greatgatsbyThe Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, has recently been made into a movie- again! Nick Carraway, played by Tobey Maguire, finds himself living in the rich part of town. Nick’s next door neighbor Jay Gatsby, Leonardo DiCaprio, seems a bit suspicious but always throws ‘extravagant’ parties on Saturdays. Over the summer, Nick finds himself invited to one of Gatsby’s popular parties. He goes with Jordan Baker,played by Elizabeth Debicki. At the party Nick and Jordan meet The Great Gatsby himself. Gatsby asks to talk to Jordan alone… Turns out, his magnificent parties are just a crafty way to get the attention of Daisy, Carey Mulligan. Things heat up when Daisy and Gatsby get into a wreck, messing with multiple relationships… Nick decides the dramatic life isn’t for him, and moves back to the Midwest.

This time the movie was directed by Mark Anthony “Baz” Luhrmann. Luhrmann is also the director of Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, Australia, and Strictly Ballroom. He is known for his great visual effects and has also worked with Leonardo DiCaprio before (Romeo and Juliet). So far the vote is pretty much split down the middle for fans enjoying the movie and not thinking it lived up to it’s full potential. I personally have not seen this movie yet, but I kind of would like too! I recommend you see this movie and find out how well you like it!

Thirteen Reasons Why : The Movie

By Jessica Fitzgerald

Terri Schwartz of MTV news reported on February 9, 2011 that Jay Asher’s popular young adult novel 13 Reasons Why is becoming a motion picture. This heart pounding novel’s storyline follows Clay Jensen, a shy high school student, who finds a box sitting on his doorstep. Inside the box are seven cassette tapes containing the thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker, Clay’s recent crush, recently committed suicide. Hannah meant for this box of tapes to be like chain mail and be sent to 12 people who had played a role in her suicide. The movie will be produced by Universal Studios. The role of Hannah in the movie has been cast to the teen star Selena Gomez, but roles of Clay and the others who contributed to her death have yet to be announced. Rumors have been spread that Logan Lerman, star in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, may play Clay, but there hasn’t been confirmation of it. A release date is still to be announced, but it will be in 2013.

What Happened to Goodbye

By Staff Writer

Best-selling Author, Sarah Dessen, is still at the top of her game with a new release. Her latest hit, What Happened to Goodbye, came out earlier in the month of May and is expected to take all Sarah Dessen fans by storm. Barnes and Noble Publisher’s Weekly states, “Dessen’s tenth novel is another smoothly written journey of self discovery.” They also state that it is sure to delight her many fans. Any of Dessen’s fans up to this point will be delighted with the likeable characters, plot, and how easily relatable it is. They are also sure to enjoy the stories start in the well known city of Lakeview, home of several of Dessen’s previous characters’ stories. This story is sure to impact the fans of Dessen.

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