The Ruins of Gorlan (Rangers Apprentice book 1)

October 27, 2013

By John Flanagan
Reviewed by Hannah Morse
Rate 4.5 out of 5 stars

Young 15 year old Will wakes up in the bedroom in the ward he has known as his home his entire life. Today is choosing day. Today is the first day of the rest of Will’s life and he doesn’t know where it starts. For choosing day you are either chosen by a Craftmaster if you are not chosen you will go live and work at a farm for the rest of his life. Will is a small boy that can’t do as much as any of the craftsmen know he can’t help them. Will is the only one in the ward that wasn’t chosen. Except there was that small figure in the molted green and gray cloak, who spoke to Baron Arald, Baron Arald is the Baron of the fief Will grew up in. The next day Will finds out he has been accepted to be the apprentice to the legendary Ranger Halt. Halt saved the day fifteen years ago against the evil lord Morgarath and his evil army of Wargals. Now Will must learn the ways of the mysterious Rangers. Rangers are masters with the bow and are masters of unseen movement.

A few months after Will becomes an apprentice, he and Halt must travel to find out why some very important Barons are dying from what seem to be very natural deaths, when they are in their prime still. Young as he is Will must face a great many dangers to overcome the threat to his home land and to save his friends from a war that seems ready to rage. Will and Halt are on the trail of the terrible creatures, the Kalkara, a creature that can scare a man to death. Or if you look into its eyes it will immobilize you and kill you. Will Halt and Halt’s former apprentice Gilian are hunting these creatures, or so they think. Could the hunters become the hunted?

This book has adventure, action and what seemed to be historical fiction. The story was written to be placed in the time of castles and kingdoms. John Flanagan does a great job of grabbing the reader’s interest and keeping the reader hooked on the tale of Will. Before Will became a Ranger’s apprentice he didn’t seem of any importance to anyone. He was an orphan with no family name. He grew up in the orphanage ward with no friends except for other orphans who were brought to the ward. Flanagan shows how not everyone seems important at first but they can then become of great importance. This book will always leave you wanting more. You will have to find out what happens to young Will in his journey. Will he survive or is his life going to end in a terrible way?

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