Dark Life

December 13, 2013

Science Fiction
by Kat Falls
Reviewed by Thomas Shofkom
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ty is a teenage boy who lives in an era where there is very little land left that isn’t covered by sprawling cities with people stacked into skyscrapers like sardines. Now you may ask why is there so little land left, the reason is that earthquakes destroyed continents sending regions, as large as the entire east coast, into the depths of the ocean. Ty may live in this time, but he doesn’t live in a stack city (as they are called in the book) like most people do, he in fact doesn’t live on the surface of the Earth at all. Ty’s parents are pioneers that helped establish a colony far bellow the oceans surface; this was where Ty was born. Ty’s home is beautiful, underwater homestead with lots of space, far more space than anywhere above the oceans surface. On one of his explorations into Cold Sleep Canyon (where the east coast once was), Ty finds a derelict submarine while trying to escape from ravenous rift sharks. In the sub, Ty finds a girl about the same age as him, or more like she finds him. Her name is Gemma and she is searching desperately for her older brother that she lost several years previous. Now the colony faces it’s biggest threat without any government help, the Seablite gang. The underwater colonists now have to find a way to get rid of the Seablite gang by themselves. Will the Seablite gang be stopped from destroying Ty’s way of life, or will Ty’s hopes and dreams of owning his homestead be crushed by these brigands! Read to find out.

Dark Life was book that I liked quite a lot,in fact, I got into this book enough that I finished it in a meager two days. This book is not a particularly hard read and can be read at a reasonable pace and end up being finished in a fairly short period of time. Not only is this book not a six-hundred page monster, it is quite a good book too. The story line is intriguing and the book gradually gives you pieces to the puzzle until it hits that “what!” moment. This book is a must read if you like futuristic books and other types of science fiction novels. I would personally recommend this book to you, so get reading!

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