Friday Night Lights

May 21, 2008

By H.G. Bissinger
Reviewed by Levi Slawta
4.5 out of 5 Stars

In a small town in Texas called Odessa, the Permian Panthers football program is something to be extremely proud of. Everybody wants to be part of this legendary team, which has a chance of going to the state championships and bringing home a state title. In Booby (James) Miles case, it wasn’t just a dream but a legacy. Booby is the team’s star player and the heart and soul of the team. Mike Winchel is the Panthers quarterback and a fabulous one at that. Every year before a playoff game Permian High School holds a pep rally called The Watermelon Feed. This particular pep rally was for the students and the players to get extremely pumped for the big game. Booby loved the attention of the students he received and he loved showing off. On Friday night, the panthers faced Midland Lee for semi state and 25,000 people flowed into, the Panthers football stadium, Odessa’s pride and joy. With a three touchdown lead, Permian was going into the fourth quarter and their coach was trying to show off Booby with a huge touchdown, but Booby got hurt by a huge hit by the linebacker. He injured his knee the whole stadium was quiet, except the wails of Booby Miles. What will happen to Booby and the rest of the team? Will they bring home a state title, or will the loss of their star running back have a devastating blow on the rest of their season?

This is an excellent book for sports lovers and anybody looking for adventure. It is a thrill ride and very exciting. You will be shocked at the ending. However, you have to give it time because it starts out slow.

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