Bull Catcher

May 19, 2008

By Alden R. Carter
Reviewed by Stephen Giliberti
4 out of 5 Stars

Neil, also known as Bull, tells us of his journey through baseball, and also high school. Bull’s best friend, Jeff, also loves baseball. They both live for the sport everyday of their lives, and also want to go pro. This book takes place in Shipley, Wisconsin. In the book, Bull lives with his grandfather, an old man who likes to party a lot, because his mother works in LA and he does not want to move away. There are many obstacles in this book, including girls, friends he has troubles with, and even death.

Throughout ninth and twelfth grade his baseball team has been very good, but cannot beat the school Caledonia. In his senior year, they make it to the championship, against the great Caledonia. Many scouts are there watching. Will they win the game? Will his speed affect him from playing college ball?

I enjoyed reading this book. It was very exciting and Alden Carter’s writing was very descriptive. I recommend this book to any individual that loves the sport of baseball. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars because I felt it got a little boring at times. But overall, it was a great read.

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