Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnostism

December 5, 2012

Georgia Byng
Reviewed by: Chris Dutcher
4 out of 5 stars

Molly Moon is a boring, ugly, and probably the most un-interesting person on the planet. Dropped off at an orphanage, she also has one of the most miserable lives too. She gets into trouble a lot because she does not follow the orphanage’s strict rules. And, to top it off, she just had a fight with her best friend, and a day later he gets’s adopted. Molly Moon had a sad life until one day she took a trip to the library. As she is looking at books, a large man comes in and demands a book by the name of H. Molly notices that as she is looking at a the Z section a book that starts with H is there. It’s a book about hypnotism and a little idea appears in her head. What if she learned this craft? So she steals the book and learns how to use hypnotism to her advantage. But, unknowingly she is being followed by the man looking for the book. What evil scheme does he have up his sleeve? Read the book to find out.

Molly Moon is a very good book.  In fact, this is the first out of a series of six books. The print is a medium size and there are a lot of pages. It’s also is not just about hypnotism it’s also about how different life is between people with luxury and people without. At some parts it can get a little corny and a bit boring but overall, Molly will take you on some crazy adventures. The book also uses a style of writing that switches between characters between chapters.  This book shows you the difference between good and evil, rich and poor, and right and wrong.

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