The Son of Neptune

December 4, 2012

Rick Riordan
Reviewed by Noah McMullin
5 out of 5 stars

Percy Jackson is a 16 year old, amnesiac, demigod. The only thing Percy can remember is one name: Annabeth. For days, Percy has been chased by two monsters known as Gorgons, the sisters of Medusa. No matter what he does, he can’t seem to kill them. Every time he tries, they fall apart into dust and slowly reform. Now, he has arrived at a strange camp for Roman demigods. But, nothing about the camp seems to jog his memory, and no one at the camp knows an Annabeth. Everything about the camp seems backwards to Percy. If Percy ever wants to return to his old life, he’ll have to help save this new camp and fulfill his destiny. Thirteen-year old Hazel Levesque is an outcast at camp. It’s bad enough that she’s the daughter of Pluto, the God of Death and Riches, but to make it even worse, everyone at camp thinks she’s trouble. All Hazel wants to do is ride horses and Roman’s think that makes her a coward. Hazel’s made mistakes in her life but none bigger then her secret she keeps from everyone at camp, even Frank, she should be dead. Now, Hazel’s mistakes will risk the lives of everyone in the world. Frank Zhang doesn’t feel like he belongs. Frank is 16 and still hasn’t been claimed by his godly parent, which is late for most demigods. Frank is a klutz and the only thing he’s good at is archery, but everyone thinks he should be on the front lines because he is big and bulky, even though he doesn’t like fighting with spears and swords. The only person at camp Frank feels he can trust is Hazel, but he still thinks if he tells her his secret, she’ll look at him like some sort of freak. Frank will have to master his family’s gift, or everyone at his camp may perish. The doors of Death have been opened and now it’s up to Percy, Hazel and Drank to close them, otherwise, everything they once knew and loved will be destroyed.
The Son of Neptune is a thrilling novel that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in Greek or Roman mythology, likes fantasy novels, or has read the Percy Jackson series. The Son of Neptune is the second book in the Hero’s of Olympus series, which takes place months after the final novel in the Percy Jackson series. The Son of Neptune is filled with secrets, action, mythology, and even some romance. The main theme of the novel is fantasy because of all the mythology and imaginary creatures/people. Rick Riordan uses the characters background’s to help tell and enhance the story. Also, Riordan uses the setting to affect the story because Percy, Hazel, and Frank only have a matter of days to complete their quest, and they are constantly being forced to adapt to their new surroundings. I personally enjoyed The Son of Neptune, and I believe most everyone would as well. Percy, Hazel, and Frank will have to change everything they’ve ever known if they wish to save their loved ones,

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