Chosen by a Horse

March 3, 2008

By Susan Richards
Reviewed by Sarah W.
4.5 out of 5 Stars

Things don’t always go as we plan. Sometimes we assume that we will only gain one thing from a person or object, but we end up gaining something totally different. This was the case for Susan Richards, a lonely divorced pessimistic woman, in the autobiography, Chosen by a Horse.

Susan lives by a strict schedule and rules. She and her three horses, Tempo Georgia and Hotshot, live on a small farm, where everything is neat and always in order. Never did she do anything out of the ordinary. She was always keeping her guard up, after an abusive marriage. So when Susan’s friend tells her about the forty some horses that were confiscated off a Standard bred farm and desperately in need of homes, she does something totally out of character, adopted one. Susan believes that she is rescuing the cripple, emaciated and beaten mare, Lay Me Down. However as the story unfolds you start to realize that Lay Me Down is actually rescuing Susan. Susan is absolutely astonished by the trusting personality the mare has despite her abuse, which helps heal her mental scars from her marriage. A strong bond is built up between them as Susan provides the food to heal Lay Me Down and Lay Me Down provides the love to heal Susan’s emotional pain. So when Susan’s beloved healer is diagnosed with cancer she is devastated. And then once again Lay Me Down teaches Susan a lesson, how to deal with letting, forgiving and facing the impossible. This book is an easy read and a good book for anyone who likes animals, but not only that.

Basically anyone can relate to this book, because most everyone has lost someone. It’s a really fast and easy read. You really become part of the story, easily relating to Susan in her time of need. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about a true and heart lifting story of a horse and her owner.

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