Thirteen Reasons Why

May 6, 2012

By: Jay Asher
Reviewed by M. Diego
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Everyone knows that Hannah is gone.  Everyone knows that she killed herself.  But not everyone knows why.  Clay Jensen opens his door one day to a package sent for him.  He opens the package and what he discovers inside changes his life forever.  In the package are sets of tapes labeled with numbers going up to thirteen and a map of the city.  Little did Clay know that these tapes were sent to him for a reason, for him to know why Hannah, a 15 year old girl killed herself.  The only people that received the box of tapes were people that in some way were responsible for her death.  Clay does not know why the tapes are for him because he loved Hannah and thought he never hurt her in any way. Scared, he presses the play button into Hannah’s world.  Hannah takes him throughout the city telling him about her life and why it ended.  She tells of how people crushed her, broke her heart and made her to want everything to stop.  Every tape that she created before she died was dedicated to one person and she told them how they were responsible.  Clay listens as Hannah gets weaker and weaker, he hears her give up.  He does not want to hear his name on the tapes and he does not want to hear of how he is responsible.  But when he does, what she says shocks him.  As the tapes go by person after person who hurt Hannah, Clay wishes he could have helped her and saved her.  But it was to late.

The Thirteen Reasons Why was a very interesting and emotionally capturing book.  It shows you that you need to be careful of your actions towards other people because they can hurt them deeply and cause things like suicide.  I enjoyed this book even though it had many sad parts.  It influenced me to want to reach out and help someone.  As the chapters alternate from one tape after the other, from person to person, it puts you in suspense.  It makes you wonder what will happen next and when she finally is going to kill herself.  I would say that anyone would like this book, but don’t read it if you want a happy story.

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