Ten things we did (and probably shouldn’t have)

April 15, 2012

Realistic Fiction, Romance
Written By: Sarah Mlynowski
Reviewed By: Tara B.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

April was a junior at Westport High School. She was your typical teenage girl with a family, many friends and a boyfriend. When her parents get divorced and her mom and little brother move to Paris, April chooses to stay in the town she grew up in with her dad and stepmom, Penny. When April’s dad moves to Ohio with Penny, April asks her friend Vi if she can move in with her and her mom to finish out the rest of the semester at Westport. April’s dad agrees to the idea as long as Vi’s mom with be living there as well. Even though April knows Vi’s mom is on a business trip for the rest of the semester, she lies to her dad and says she will be home just so she doesn’t have to move. Crazy things happen throughout the rest of the year at Vi’s house that no one can know, especially April’s father. Will April eventually have to move to Ohio with her father if he finds out the things that happen throughout the year? What are the ten things they did and probably shouldn’t have? Read this book to find out.

This book deserves a rating of 5 out of 5 stars because it keeps you turning the pages. Sarah Mlynowski does a great job at writing this book because of the way she makes you wonder what will happen next. The chapters are lengthy but are easy to read. I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and realistic fiction books that are adventurous and exciting.

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