Among the Hidden

January 18, 2012

Written by: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Reviewed by: K Pirger
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

“Dad thinks-I mean, it`s not safe anymore to have you in the kitchen. You can still eat with us, and talk to us and all, but you`ll be… over here.”

The government created a law, stating there are only allowed to be two children per family. Any others must be killed by the population police. Twelve year old, Luke Garner is living his life in hiding. He is a third child. Luke can`t go to school, go to church, or even have friends. All is well, living in the attic of his house, until the government begins building a housing development on the Garners property. Luke soon finds out there might be other shadow children out there, maybe even next door…

Among the Hidden is the first book of eleven in the ‘Shadow Children Series’. The book is very well written and an easy book to read. Every page leaves you with a cliffhanger, causing you to never want to put it down. I recommend this book to anyone.

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