June 12, 2011

Stephenie Meyer
Reviewed by Kaitlin Coleman
5 out of 5 stars

When seventeen year-old Bella Swan leaves sunny Arizona to live with her father in the small and gloomy Pacific North-West town of Forks she doesn’t expect to like it. After all she has made excuses not to go there enough times over the past few years. If living in Forks, with its constant mist and rain, wasn’t bad enough she had to be prepared for a complete different lifestyle, different friends, different classes, and a very unexpected and different boy.

All Bella wants is to see out her self imposed sentence in Forks as quietly and painlessly as possible, but of course, this is not to be. Her father, who happens to be the town’s police chief, has eagerly alerted the entire town to her arrival, so much for quiet and painless. During the agonizing first day in the new school, she comes into contact with the Cullen siblings. The inhumanely beautiful siblings don’t fit in with the rest of the students at Forks High School and she is instantly fascinated by them, especially Edward Cullen. Initially Edward seems to despise Bella, although over time this seems to change as he grows more and more intrigued by her. This continues until both their worlds come to a grinding halt as Bella is about to be crushed by a van in front of Edward’s eyes. He then has to choose to either save her life and expose that his beauty isn’t the only thing inhuman about him, or face her dying. Edward cannot stop himself and intervenes, thereby put his entire family’s existence at Bella’s mercy. Bella stumbles on to the truth about Edward and his vampire family and while this puts immense pressure on the Cullen family, it brings Edward and Bella closer together. Despite all odds Edward becomes Bella’s most unlikely protector as her luck goes from bad to worse.

As soon as you realize you have less than ten pages left in the addicting book Twilight, you’ll instantly be upset. A novel like this should never end; Twilight truly is the perfect read for every teen. Luckily, Twilight is the first book of the 4 book series, which is good for all of the twilight addicts. And it doesn’t stop there, the twilight madness continues on with movies, so far Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are all available. The last book Breaking Dawn will be hitting theatres on November 18, 2011 for the first part of the film. The Twilight Saga proves 100% that Stephenie Meyer is an incredible writer, and is always keeping the reader on their toes.

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