June 7, 2011

Romantic Fiction
By: Stephanie Meyers
Reviewed by: Savannah Howland
Rated: 5 out of 5 Stars

Isabella (Bella) Swan sent herself to the soppy, wet, peninsula of Forks, Washington to live with her dad, Charlie, so her mom could be with her boyfriend, Phil, a professional baseball player who has to travel often. Bella despises Forks and its constant blanket of clouds that covers it. Bella is a shy, socially awkward, 17 year-old that received a lot of attention from her new peers of Forks High that she wasn’t expecting. Forks is a small town, and a new girl is big news that catches everyone’s attention. But, the only people catching her’s is the Cullens and Hales, a mysterious group of unbelievably gorgeous people, that look out of place in the plain Jane little town. She takes a special notice to the younger looking bronzed haired boy, Edward, but finds him extremely unfriendly to the point that he actually seems rude, which only makes him more compelling. Bella actually finds a strange attraction to him because he is different from everyone else she has met, and eventually they have many strange encounters that leave her extremely confused. One thing is for certain though, Edward is dangerous, and she doesn’t care. Will Bella’s negligence of the danger Edward possess lead her down the wrong path, or a completely different one that no one not even Edward or Bella expected?

     Twilight, is hands down one my absolute favorite books of all time. And, I have read it at least one thousand times. It’s full of danger, mystery, selflessness, undying love, and has a shockingly plot and storyline that will capture your attention, and your heart. Over 100 million copies of Twilight have been sold and it has been printed in over 32 different languages around the world. I highly recommend this book to teenage girls and anyone you enjoys a classic novel on forbidden love.

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