Generation Kill

May 2, 2011

Generation Kill
By Evan Wright
Reviewed by Dylan Camp
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

          Imagine yourself, m16 or m4 carbine rifle at hand, sweat pouring down the back of your neck onto your BDU, lying on a pile of rubble and dirt to escape the weight of your gear. Through all this chaos, guns firing, people screaming, smoke and ash filling the air, you have your sights placed directly on an enemy. You breathe in, and exhale. On your final release of carbon dioxide, crosshairs directly on his chest, can you take the shot?

            Generation Kill is the entirely true documentary of a highly trained battalion of Force Recon Marines, the elite of the already elite, on there blitzkrieg onto Iraq, otherwise know as the operation of the triangle of death. This was the new generation of warriors that come from America, and are the first of the military to experience open armed combat since Vietnam. This new generation, raised on hip-hop, internet porn, and video games is now in the chaotic guerrilla war of Iraq, much like of Vietnam. Can they make it through the horrors, problems and chaos of war?

            Generation Kill is an extremely good portrayal of modern day war, and the personalities of this “new generation” of our military, reason most likely being that all of it is entirely true. One of the things I liked most about this book was that that the tactics and military terms were spot on which is pretty impressive for a reporter. Evan Wright really made this book “Wright” because he spared nothing in this documentary. Throughout the story, he tells of the Marines’ disturbing humor, outlook on life, issues back in the states, and spares none of there mistakes such as civilian deaths and Cpl. Trombley’s famous “camel killing”. This book is eye-opening for politics and people who are interested in stuff like this. It is not so much a story as a truthful operation. Generation Kill shows the new face of American war, and every detail involved with it.

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