Along for the Ride

January 7, 2011

Realistic Fiction
By Sarah Dessen
Reviewed by Eleni R.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Riding a bike is only one among many things Auden’s missed out on during her time growing up. Since childhood she’s played the role of the little adult, left to pick up the pieces while her older brother Hollis’ ran wild and free and her parents’ marriage crumbled around her. She coped with it by doing the only thing she knew, focusing on school. However, her last summer before college, Auden decides to start her own adventure and takes off to spend it with her father, his new wife and Auden’s newborn sister in the adventurous  beach town of Colby, North Carolina. Auden accepts a part-time job working for her father’s new, stressed to the max wife, Heidi, in her trendy boutique and quickly things start to change. Auden suddenly finds herself in the world of girls, friendships, conversations and romances all of which she’d been denied growing up. Then comes Eli, the dark, long haired, former star of the bike circuit and a fellow insomniac who shows Auden it’s never too late for a second chance, even if that means reliving a teenage life she’s never had. She finds herself caught in the middle of all this wonderment, and simply along for the ride, headed for a destination unknown, even to her.

Along for the Ride is yet another novel by the bestselling author Sarah Dessen. As always Sarah doesn’t disappoint. Along for the Ride is a thrilling, realistic novel that really draws your attention. The writing style of Sarah leaves you feeling as if you’re standing on the boardwalk of Colby, walking along side Auden and watching the childhood she never had unfold before your eyes. At 383 pages long, it’s not exactly a quick, easy read, but it’s not difficult to be captivated by the characters, finding yourself in the midst of a summer, in the town of Colby, where anything can happen. I recommend this bestselling novel to any teenage girl, looking for a relatable story with romance, discovery, friendship, love, family, summer and life all into one. Along for the Ride truly has it all.

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