The Vampire’s Assistant

November 5, 2010

Science Fiction
By Darren Shan
Reviewed by Greg McMullin
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Darren Shan was a normal teenage boy. That is, until the “incident”. Darren is now a half-vampire, a member of the blood sucking creatures of the night, and travels the world with his mentor, Mr. Crepsley, until one night they run into the place where Darren’s journey had started: The Cirque Du Freak.

            Shortly after arriving at the Cirque, Darren had befriended one of the performers, Evra Von, a snake boy, half snake half human. Since Darren and Evra were the same age and very much alike, they were soon very close friends. As Darren and Evra were doing their daily chores at the Cirque, which includes washing dishes and feeding the vicious wolf man, Darren, using his ultra sharp vampire senses, had spotted someone in the bushes. The boy came out, and introduced himself as Sam Grest, who also became quick friends with Darren and Evra, along with the eco warrior RV, who was dedicated to protecting nature. Darren had no idea that these new friendships would soon lead him to a deadly encounter, and that both would end in tragedy.

            Through all that was taking place, Darren was ignoring the one thing that would take away what was left of his humanity: human blood. Mr. Crepsley, as Darren’s vampire mentor, had warned him that he would soon wither away and die a slow death if he kept himself going solely on animal blood. Darren would soon find out that a painful decision waits in his future: Drink human blood and forever lose his humanity, or keep what is left of his humanity and perish. But destiny is calling; the Wolf Man is waiting.

            The Vampire’s Assistant is the 2nd book in the long and exciting Cirque Du Freak series, and is definitely an amazing read for anyone who has read the 1st book. The difficulty isn’t too hard, and it’s hard to put the book down. If you are a fan of exciting and scary thrillers, than I would recommend this book to you, but I highly recommend that you read the 1st book before, as you’ll be filled with more back round knowledge.

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