November 5, 2010

By Sarah Dessen
Reviewed by Miranda
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Caitlin O’Koren had always been jealous of her older sister Cass. She was smart, pretty, athletic, friendly, and just an all around good person. Then the day of Caitlin’s 16th birthday, Cass ran away, leaving all her perfect memories behind, and most of all, leaving Caitlin all one. Her parents here so caught up in Cass being gone they forgot about Caitlin.  She was now invisible to the world, in her own dreamland with Rogerson by her side.   

Rogerson Biscoe was a dreadlocked hunk who takes Caitlin’s mind off of her family’s ordeal. He is able to perfectly fill the space in Caitlin’s life that Cass left behind. His lifestyle of smoking and partying is wild, something new and exciting to Caitlin. That’s why when he pulls her into his world; she doesn’t hesitate to come along for the ride. As their relationship grows, Caitlin realizes how hard Rogerson’s family life is and he starts taking it out on her. To avoid being hurt by Rogerson, Caitlin starts blowing off everything in her old life. Like her best friend Rina, cheerleading, and school. She’s stuck in a world that Rogerson completely controls. She starts losing herself slowing and no one notices. Caitlin has refused to tell anyone what was going on. She liked the feeling of being invisible and stuck in her dreamland. As things start to back-fire, she starts going way to deep in this dreamland and cannot get out. Then, the day of her parents Fool’s party, Caitlin gets full contact from Rogerson. Where everyone can see and her secrets her all let out, forever. As this happened, Caitlin woke up from this dreamland and had to find herself once again.

Dreamland was a breathtaking story about what teens think about when they are dealing with drugs and abuse. This story feels so real when your reading it and its poetic language keeps you hooked. Sarah Dessen did such a good job at making the story seem real. Throughout the whole book I felt like I was Caitlin and I was dealing with all her problems the same way she was. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic books. I think this book could be for teens or adults. It will really teach you a lesson about life and make sure your never in a dreamland quite like Caitlin’s.

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