The Lost Boy

November 18, 2007

By Dave Pelzer
Reviewed by Jennifer Davis
5 out of 5 stars

Coming out of a life of violence and mistreatment, David, a young, sweet boy, looks for love as he tries to forget his rough past. In the previous book, A Child Called “It,” Dave explained his life threatening childhood, with events that are completely heart shattering. Now in The Lost Boy, his life has gotten much better, and although it is still emotionally painful, there are many more joyous occasions. David gets bumped from home to home, and he struggles with finding someone to talk with. It seems like every time he finds someone to trust, they end up getting him into a large amount of trouble. Whenever he finally finds a family where he feels like he belongs, he gets sent away for reasons he and the family can’t control. Will it ever work out for poor David?

The Lost Boy fills your heart with tears, love and sadness. As you read you begin to understand the need and reason for foster parents, and you understand that not every “F-child” is a bad child. He places you into his life making you feel the cold, mean terrors that were put upon him at such an early age. Dave knows the right spots to put all the horrific details in, leaving you with an “aw” feeling, but he also knows what stories don’t need the rough, painful details. This book is so sad I wonder why I’ve fallen in love with it, but every sentence left me asking the same question, “why?” not letting you put it down no matter how much it hurts to read.

The Lost Boy will grab anyone into its cold, sad hands just by reading the back cover. I would have to recommend it to anyone who has even a little bit of a heart. People of all ages can read this dreadful tale, and sit down and have a long discussion that will never end, no matter what their background is. I couldn’t help but fall in love with David, feeling like I myself was one of his few close family and friends.

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