April 15, 2010

By Ellen Hopkins
Reviewed by Makayla P.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Kristina Georgia Snow is now 18 years old, and she is in control of her life for the first time in a long time. In the previous book, Crank, Kristina is raped, and to make the situation worse, she gets pregnant. Now she has to care for the life of her infant son, Hunter, and it isn’t easy. Life without the monster is rough. Everyday Kristina uses all the power in herself to say no. But eventually Kristina gets caught up in the stress of being a teen mom, and goes back into the arms of monster.

Kristina gets a job at the local gas station so that she can support her son, even though she is still living at home. Kristina is also making some cash so that she can get closer to her best friend. One day, while catching up with two of her old friends, she bumps into Trey. Trey is a gorgeous man. Confident, funny, sweet. Trey is the man that Kristina has been looking for. Also Trey has connections with the monster, and that is something that Kristina definitely likes.

Kristina has indulged in the monster once again, but this time she is watching her son. She falls asleep, and Hunter rolls under a table and gets hurt. She is shaken awake by her mother. “Didn’t you hear him screaming?” “What happened?” “Why were you sleeping?” Kristina’s head was spinning. Did she let the situation get so out of control that she put her son in danger, the one person who she cared about so much. Kristina was kicked out of her house that night, and her son wasn’t coming with her.

Kristina moves in with Trey’s cousin, Brad. Brad has two young daughters, Latreya and Devon. Kristina lives in a room above the garage, and watches the girls when Brad is at work. It’s kind of like a babysitting job. Trey visits from college only on holiday vacations. Kristina and Brad have a special connection with each other, and with the monster. When the mother and wife of Brad and his daughters come home, it’s time for Kristina to move out. Kristina has no where to go, and no one else to turn to.

Kristina moves in to an apartment with Trey. He leaves school to provide for her. They live a life of poverty, and the only way they make it is my selling their best friend. Stealing money, visiting their friend, and then selling him. This was the only income they had, and they were barley making it. Kristina and Trey became so poor that they couldn’t even indulge in the monster anymore. They needed to sell everything they had, and almost all of the money they made went back to the dealer so they could buy more. Kristina’s life was deteriorating, and she had to think fast if she was going to make it.

Kristina has made many decisions in her life. In the previous book, Crank, Kristina has to make some tough decisions and a major lifestyle change. Can she handle the pressure of living in poverty? How will selling crank effect her life? I recommend this book to any teenager, boy or girl. This book is very real, and isn’t lacking any detail of what can happen in real life. Will Kristina be able to get her life back in control again, or will she lose the battle against the monster?

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