March 25, 2010

By Ellen Hopkins
Reviewed by Makayla Pirger
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

To the naked eye they seem like the perfect family. Sixteen year old Raeanne and Kaeleigh are identical twin sisters. Their father, a well known district court judge, and their mother, a high-profile politician, both have respected jobs. Their life seems easy, everything seems picture perfect, but that is not the case. Their family is falling apart, inside and out, and Raeanne and Kaeleigh have to learn to accept it and deal with it.

Raeanne and Kaeleigh may look identical on the outside, but they have completely different personalities. Raeanne is a typical teenager, with a little twist of adventure. She loves to try new things, even if those things may not be good for her. She loves being the center of attention, and she doesn’t care about what people say or think. She lives in the moment, and is all about having fun now. Kaeleigh on the other hand invests in her life so that she will be successful later. She works hard in school and works hard to hide her imperfections. Unlike Raeanne, Kaeleigh doesn’t have trouble with drugs and boys; she has trouble with her home life. She lives with an ongoing secret that only she and he sister know. Their father is a sick, twisted man that has many problems and takes his anger out on his daughters. Raeanne and Kaeleigh struggle to keep their lives in control, doing whatever they feel necessary. They struggle to find love, but the only love they have ever known has been either fake or wrong.  Raeanne and Kaeleigh are trying to live their lives like everyone else, but they have much bigger obstacles to overcome.

Identical, by Ellen Hopkins, is truly a wonderful book. It is filled with reality and adventure. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars because it is full of excitement and real life situations. I was literally not able to put this book down and finished it in one day. I would recommend this book to any teenager, boy or girl, who loves drama. Identical is filled with plenty of action, and it will keep you wanting more.

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