To Catch A Pirate

November 12, 2008

By Jade Parker
Reviewed by Colleen Quartararo
5 out of 5 Stars

Annalisa Townsend and her father were on their way to the Caribbean when they were attacked by the worst of the pirate ships on the sea, the Phantom Mist. Anna, being young and inexperienced, hides in the hold while the fight lasts on the ship. She is finally seen by James Sterling, a young pirate among the Mist, who surprisingly keeps her whereabouts a secret. Anna pleads for him not to take the only thing of value she had which was her mother’s necklace. James agrees, but only in exchange for a kiss, which he stole from her. James and the treasure the boat was carrying disappear off the ship leaving Anna and her father livid over the pirate attack.

A year has passed and Anna rounded up a ship and crew of her own to find James Sterling and regain her father’s stolen treasure. Although easily taking Sterling as a prisoner, Anna and her most trusted partner, Nathaniel Northup, have difficulty getting James to cooperate. Spending each day and night with the young pirate, Anna eventually starts to fall for James. Not knowing he is feeling the same about her, Anna doesn’t want to give in to her feelings because of his piracy and bad reputation. Even though he seems to be changing his ways, she is still torn by the truth of his past. Can Anna ever really trust James Sterling when it comes down to it?

To Catch A Pirate, by Jade Parker, is a short romance adventure, suitable for readers of any age. This novel is luring throughout and is packed with passionate scenes. Parker retells the book to make it seem realistic as piracy was in the 1700’s. To Catch A Pirate is recommended for anyone who enjoys reading romance novels and pirate stories.

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