Friday Night Lights

January 24, 2010

Friday Night Lights
By: H.G. Bissinger
Reviewed by: Ryan Coleman
4.75 out of 5 stars

In the Small town of Odessa, the town is known for one thing, outstanding Permian football tradition; football was Permian’s way of life. 1988 was the year that Permian was predicted to bring home the state title. How they were going to show that the prediction was right, was with there powerhouse division 1 prospect running back, Boobie (James) Miles, the drive, the inner core, the strength of the Permian football team. “Ever since he was a young child he dreamt of stepping off the bus, looking into the crowd, and holding up the plaque that said 1988 class AAA state champs.” In the state semifinals against Midland Lee, Boobie’s number was called, a power to the left side of the tackle. The power turned out to what seemed the most devastating moment of the season. He was sandwiched between both linebackers, his knee was crushed. The Permian Panthers were left with only one choice; they brought up Chris Comer from their junior varsity. Surprisingly, it was one of the best choices they made. Chris was put in, just for a test of his ability. He cut outside the tackle, and within 5 seconds he was in the endzone. Boobie’s injury brought the team closer, Mark Winchell, the quarterback, and a heck of a good one was now the team leader. And instead of always handing the ball off to the almighty Boobie Miles, he actually got to show his cannon of an arm off to the college scouts. He gained confidence like he never had before. The Tight End, Chavez picked up his role as well, coming up with multiple important catches, and lead blocks. The team became more united and played as one now, instead of relying on their all-star running back. They rolled through out the rest of the season with scores of, Permian, a lot, the other team, a little. In the game that would send them to the state final they played the Carter Cowboys, ranked number one in the whole state of Texas. The game was close and will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last play of the game. Will the Permian Panthers prove themselves to be the best in Texas or will their dreams be crushed all in a matter of second?


H.G. Bissinger does a great job of grabbing a hold of the reader’s attention when he describes the games and the situations. It’s almost as if you can feel the hard hits that the linebackers put on the running backs, like you can hear the sounds of the stadium, like you are in the huddle. Although this book starts out slow for the first 100 pages it picks up quick after that. H.G. teaches that no matter what may happen in life, don’t hang your head, and always hold your head high. He also teaches that you must keep your teammates close no matter what. This book is great for anyone who loves football and can handle the use some profanity, the profanity isn’t of the same extremity in all the chapters but it is enough to make your mouth drop, or make you wonder what the rating of the movie is, PG-13 or R?

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