October 14, 2008

By Ellen Hopkins
Reviewed by Mel Wheeler
5 out of 5 Stars

By eighteen, Khristina is already a single parent with no job, whose living at home with her mother. As far as anyone knows, Khristina is “attempting” to get her life back together. And for a while she is. That is, before the monster comes knocking at her door. Will she fight for her and her baby, or is her heart destined to the monster?

Loosing her baby, she finds a man to restart her life, and start her family. But the monster doesn’t give that luxury. After being almost entirely abandoned, she has lost everything. Everything except the monster.

Hopkins writes of one girl’s journey through triumph and heartache of being a single mother addicted to crystal meth. Throughout this fictional novel, you feel the emotional struggle Khristina gets while living her life around the monster. The hurt she feels, and the disappointment she gets when she knows she can’t give it up, not even for her baby. The hurt shoots through you like lightning, feeling the disappointment her family feels when they realize they’ve lost their daughter to drugs, and the only way they can help is if she wants help.

I rate this book a five out of five, for anyone who has experienced being lost, or loosing a loved one to drugs. Ellen Hopkins writes with an understanding passion. This book has moved me, as it has many others. Glass is a passionate novel, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.

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