What My Mother Doesn’t Know

January 15, 2010

“Sometimes I just know things, like when Lou asked me to go on that walk down by the reservoir last year on the last day of eighth grade. I knew he was going to say he wanted to break up with me,” Sophie lets us know at the beginning of the book. She knows when things are going to happen and this is proven throughout the story. Sophie, also known as Sapphire or Soph is 15 now, and her attraction to boys is starting to get her into some trouble.  The boy of her dreams, Dylan, finally asks her out. Instantly, she knows that it is true love. She begins to notice some weird things about their relationship; she’s taller than him, he’s afraid to share her religion and others. She begins an online romance with a boy she talks to over a chat room. This gives her a little push to move on. A not-so-cute boy named Murphy steps into her life, he’s very unpopular and disliked. She gets to know him, and finds some really good qualities about him. He likes art, just as much as she does. Also, he’s a bit of the romantic type. A good moral to this story is to never judge a book by its cover. Maybe Murphy isn’t the most attractive boy around, or the coolest, but Sophie sees past that. She can tell that they have something between them that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This book jumps around a lot, and tends to cut off just when things start to get interesting. Although this is kind of annoying, the book is a pretty good read. For teens and young adults this book could be very easily related to some of the problems you’ve had in your life. Once I started to get into this book, I couldn’t put it down! It has a good storyline and it makes you want to continue reading. It was one of those books with a “No! It can’t be over!” type of ending. I found that I could relate to some of the problems that happen in this story but then again, I can’t. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars because for most people my age, they would love it. The book makes you want to keep reading and reading. With some twists and turns in the plot, Sonya Sones keeps things interesting. This book is aimed at teen girls, and I would recommend it to any teen that is looking to read about another girl’s problems for a change!

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