Sea Change

December 21, 2009

“I stopped walking, my flats sinking into the sand. Behind the boy there was nothing but fog, and I realized how alone I was.
“You lost?” The boy called, waving one arm at me.
“Not at all,” I replied defensively, squaring my shoulders. “I was just exploring”
He came closer.
“It’s not a great idea to go exploring by yourself on Siren Beach.” He said
“Why?” I demanded, suddenly annoyed that this boy had appeared out of nowhere. He swept his gaze over my face. What was he thinking?”]

Miranda, normal size but not normal, is not the luckiest girl in the world. She has to go to some place in the Bermuda Triangle and everything is not what it seems. She meets her mother there, and her Dad and brother are in the United States awaiting for Miranda’s arrival back to the states after a summer in the Bermuda Triangle.
Her Grandmother just died and Miranda is living in this huge house that is all lonely. Worst of all her mother is creeping her out and is not acting her normal self. Even her mom’s best friend, who is totally annoying, tried to become tries to become friends with Miranda. Miranda does become friends with her but she meets a very mysterious boy. Who is he? Why does he keep showing up out of nowhere? Does he know something she doesn’t?

Sea Change is a very good book and paints a great image in your mind. It keeps you hanging on. This book will make your heart race as Miranda meets new people and opens up the past. Sea Change is a fast paced and very easy book to get into. You will be jumping up and down as you read how Miranda finds out about his place she is at.
 I think this book is the best book out there. I really liked the book because it had something that no other book contains. It will keep you wanting to read more and keep you hanging. I couldn’t sleep when I got this book and even though it is a bit thick it will go by faster than you could even imagine. I really love this book just for how it relates the present day but yet has an edge to it. This book is really like no other book.

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