Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

October 27, 2013

Realistic Fiction
David Michaels
Reviewed by Evan Engelhard
5 out of 5 stars

The United State Army’s Special Forces are known for their highly specialized training and bravery behind enemy lines. But there’s a group that is even more stealthy, deadly, and powerful. This group of the most feared operators on the face of the earth, they are, the soldiers of Ghost Recon. Captain Scott Mitchell and his Ghost Recon team permeates China’s eastern coast to seek and destroy the Spring Tiger Group. The small band of renegade Chinese military leaders is poised to execute operation Pouncing Dragon, a plot to seize Taiwan and trigger a battle of dominance in the Pacific. But when Mitchell realizes that an old nemesis is assisting the Spring Tiger Group, World War III becomes personal to him. His nemesis dates back to 2002 (takes place in 2012 majority of the novel) when he was Philippines, he was on a mission in the Philippines, but is interrupted by being ambushed and pinned down in certain areas for a 12 hours in a blazing one-hundred degree heat jungle. After losing one to many soldiers, he is pinned down with a seriously wounded friend hurt from a helicopter crash he was piloting and in a mortar crater on a hill and being flanked from all directions. But for some reason no one has shot at them but the enemies can definitely see them. Later they’re captured and brought back to where his nemesis is, Captain Fang Zhi, who will later become the most coward man in the book. Also later in the novel, Mitchell wants to kill this man more than anything. Will Mitchell get his revenge? Will Spring Tiger be stopped? Will Mitchell have to sacrifice his life to save his team?

This book is suspenseful, intriguing, realistic and hard to put down. David Michaels does a very great job of getting the reader’s attention sucked right into the book as if you were Mitchell in combat and feel what he feels. This book will keep you hooked to it until the very end. With alternating chapters you here both sides of the story, one from each main character. Even though this book can be boring at some parts, it will pull you right in. I would recommend this book to someone who can take on a book that has some swearing and gory things (blood, guns, deaths, etc.) and people who don’t mind a long book. Ghost Recon will have you wanting to read more, play the game, and have you wanting another book of his.

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