Seven Deadly Wonders

October 27, 2013

Realistic Fiction/ Science Fiction
Matthew Reilly
Reviewed by Daniel Lindhorst
5 out of 5 stars

The Golden Capstone. Said to have sat upon the Great Pyramid during the times of the Egyptians, it was taken down at some point during those times. Currently its whereabouts are unknown, and they have been for millennia. Those whereabouts, though, will soon be found by Jack and his team.

Jack’s team, representing a coalition of many small nations, has to find the seven split up pieces of the capstone before a certain date. On that day, an extremely hot sunspot, the Tartarus Sunspot, will rain its heat down on the world, melting the ice caps and flooding coastal cities. If the Capstone is upon the Great Pyramid at that time, one could recite the ritual of peace and save the world for another 4,500 years. If the ritual of power is recited, however, the world will be saved, but if the reciter puts soil of their homeland into the Capstone, their homeland will enjoy 1,000 years of unchallenged power. Unfortunately, the team is going against the Americans and the Europeans, both of which have more resources than Jack. The pieces, even more of a challenge, have been placed with or within places that have eluded archaeological searches: The Seven Wonders of the World.

Seven Deadly Wonders is an amazing book where the action doesn’t stop. The author keeps the action going, even in background descriptions and other usually boring sections of a book. It interests the reader and incorporates facts about history with exciting events in a modern world. The book gives many surprises throughout the plotline, and the feeling of wanting more engulfed me when I finally closed it. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a good, long book to entertain them and lovers of thrills and action on paper combined with historical facts. The way Matthew Reilly keeps the action going is phenomenal, and if you read it you will love Seven Deadly Wonders from start to finish.

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