Escape from Furnace: Lockdown

October 25, 2013

Genre: Science Fiction.
By Alexander Gordan Smith.
Reviewed by Aaron Gorsline.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars .

 Alex Sawyer is a cook, a criminal, a no good ten doing anything to make a quick buck. Even going as far as breaking into people’s houses in the dead of night, ransacking there house for money, electronics and jewelry, with his friend Toby. He should have gone to jail, be locked up in the slammer for a few years but what happened to him was much worse. Something didn’t feel right sitting at the edge of a person’s lawn, some feeling in his gut that told him that this house was no good, but Alex’s greed was to powerful. That night in the house strange people in Black suits and people in gas masks appeared from the darkness, killing his best friend Toby and the framed him for murder. Everything that was ever dear to him in this world was gone after that night. He lost the love and trust of his mom, and dad. But what was worse, he was going to Furnace. A prison built a mile underground in a crevice of the Earth, Built to hold the murderous gangs after the summer of slaughter. Everything was lost in Alex’s mind believing that everything on the outside world was gone to him, that there was nothing to do but rot in the bowels of Furnace, but something in his mind clicked as he stayed in Furnace, he must escape he has to escape or he will sooner or later die from the mysteries of Furnace. Underneath Heaven is Hell and Underneath Hell is Furnace.

Lockdown is one of the best books I have ever dug into. Smith’s first sentence had me hooked like a fish with action and suspense leaving me wanting to read more. As I read through I noticed he had a good imagination creating creatures that dwell and put fear into the inmates at Furnace. As you read through you feel as if you are standing right next to Alex breathing in the stail hot air, looking at the red stone that makes up Furnaces walls, and knowing his every thought that crosses his mind. I would recommend this book to anyone, this book I garentee will grab any readers attention with its suspense and action packed pages. So if you dare pick up this book and read about the dark mysteries of Furnace.

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