Into The Wild

October 25, 2013

By John Krakauer
Reviewed by Jake Payne
5 out of 5 Stars

“Two years he walks the earth, no phone, no pool, and no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. An extremist. An aesthetic voyager whose home is The Road. Escaped from Atlanta. Thou shalt not return, ‘cause “The West Is The Best.” And now after two rambling years comes the final and greatest adventure. The climatic battle to kill the false being within and victoriously conclude the spiritual revolution. Ten days and nights of freight trains and hitchhiking brining him to the Great White North. No longer to be poisoned by civilization, he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become lost In The Wild” Alexander Supertramp, 1992

Chriss Mccandless was born in raised in Sunnyville Virginia, and never quite fit in. Chriss endured his high school career and went on to college and studied African culture and heritage. The day Chriss graduated college was the day he was “reborn”. His parents gave him 27,000 for law school and he had 300 dollars in cash. He donated all 27,000 to a charity and bought some necessary tools and equipment. He drove to lake mead, ditched his car, burned the rest of his money, and he was off. Into The Wild, hitchhiking from place to place-making friends, and experiencing life as a vagabond. His only possessions were his backpack and the clothes on his back.

This book is fascinating, intriguing and deep. Into the Wild is by far my favorite book I have ever read. John Krakauer captures the amazing life of Chriss Mccandless, adding twists and shows the deepness and spiritual dilemma that Chriss Mcandless fought. This book is all about breaking away from materialistic and idealistic society. To become and find you’re self through hardship and becoming one, with nature itself.

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