The Maze Runner

October 24, 2013

Science fiction
By James Dashner
Reviewed by Justin Post
4.5 out of 5 stars

Waking up in a dark scary environment, Thomas can’t seem to remember much. It’s as if he can only remember basic things, thingThe_Maze_Runner_covers like riding a bike. But he can’t seem to remember ever actually riding one. When he first sees light above him, while he’s huddled against the wall in fear several kids, teenagers pull him out of the dark hole. A newbie that’s what they call people like him. The people that come up to the place called a glade. The glade is just a huge a huge clearing in which the tools to survive are provided. But the glade is surrounded by a maze a maze that these people, these Gladers as they are called, have been trying to solve four two years. But as strange as the maze is, even more strange things are starting to happen with Thomas’s arrival. These things continue to increase in mind boggling difficulty that will push Thomas and the Gladers to the limits. But a deep betrayal, a betrayal that runs deeper than the maze itself runs within the group. Could this betrayal be their Ultimate demise? Can the group survive and find a way out of the maze? Will Thomas ever get his memory back?

The Maze Runner is a book that is possibly one of the most complicated books I have ever read. This book has so many actual genres in it. It’s actually hard to explain because the book is so complicated. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes mystery, adventure, romance, and science fiction. This is a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you hungering for more than even the whole series will provide.

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