October 23, 2013

Futuristic Fiction
Written by: Suzanne Collins
Reviewed by: Jody Inderwies
Rate: 5 out of 5 stars

Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire. After battling through yet another arena, Katniss was taken to an unknown district thirteen. There she discovered her own home, the place she grew up and became the strong, independent girl she is, was burned to the ground by the capitol. After days and days spent in the hospital of thirteen, watched over and cared for by her own sister Prim, Katniss begins her most epic challenge yet; killing President Snow. She slowly, but surely becomes mentally stable again, and when she’s almost fully recovered, she’s asked to do a very important task. A task that could change the entire future for Panem. Will the decision Katniss decides help not only the rebellion, but herself and her friends as well? After her decision, Katniss goes about her district thirteen schedule while different steps are taken to get closer and closer to the climax of her mission. Whether it’s taping propaganda videos for the other districts or simply hunting with Gale, Katniss heals emotional scars of Peeta, her district 12 home, her father’s songs, Rue, and others she claims died, because of her. Then out of nowhere, she discovered that Snow had captured Peeta from the arena and was most likely torturing him for information about the rebellion, which Peeta had no idea about. Will Katniss be able to get over the fact that Peeta is in pain? Later, after a brawl in district 2, it’s confirmed by 13’s leader, Coin, that all the districts have agreed to join them in the rebellion. Thirteen’s forces move to the capitol, where the action begins to pick up. What will the fate of the designed Star Squad be? Will Katniss be happy when she meets her mission’s end? Who will Katniss choose to love, Gale or Peeta? Will Peeta ever be cured of his nightmares from Snow’s torturing?

I honestly enjoyed this book simply because it’s a futuristic book and it’s got that cool adventure, suspenseful twist. It also has romance and action that grabs your attention. Collins did an amazing job at writing this series. The way she worked in the roles of different characters, the games and their effect on the districts was truly unique. If you are one for books with excitement, edginess, and deep romance then you need to read not only this book, but the previous ones as well!

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