Beautiful Creatures

May 22, 2013

Ethan is just a normal teenage boy trying to make ends meet when rumors spread about a new girl in school. Her grandfather is a very rich and hated man. He rarely comes out of his house and when he does things don’t turn out very good. Lena, the new girl in town, doesn’t try very hard to make new friends when she arrives at school. When she arrives in town, strange things start to happen, especially when Lena gets mad. Ethan is the only person in the town that accepts Lena for who she really is. They fall in love but their love runs on a thin line when Lena tells Ethan all of her secret about her family. Will their love hurt both of them, or will it help Lena get through her family curse.

The movie Beautiful Creatures is one of the best movies I have seen! The director of this movie did such a good job catching the hatred between Lena and her family. The director also does a very good job showing the love between Lena and Ethan. I would recommend this movie to anybody over the age of 10 and people who like romantic and magical stories would get into this movie. Flashback is used periodically throughout the movie and the director places each flashback in the perfect spot to make the movie flow.

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