The Blue Girl

November 29, 2009

By Charles de Lint
Reviewed by Hailey Pytel
5 out of 5 stars

Imogene is a rebel trying to go straight. The trouble is that she can see the ghost, Adrian, in her new high school. Adrian introduces her to the school fairies that, without Adrian’s consent, play a trick on Imogene. While playing the trick, the fairies bring Imogene to the attention of creatures that live in shadows. The fairies put Imogene in grave danger of losing her life and her immortal soul. Imogene’s fate hangs in the balance while the solution is surprising and not easy.

This story is dark, without being gruesome. The book is a relatively easy read, but has characters popping up quickly. Teens will identify with this book because it has real life problems that teens face today, such as trying to fit in to cliques but then finding it’s the true friends that count. Fantasy fans will love the books darkness and unique take on the world of fairy.

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