May 15, 2008

By Kate Brian
Reviewed by Marley North
5 out of 5 Stars

In Legacy, it’s Reed Brennan’s second year at Easton Academy. After almost transferring back to her old school, Reed decides to stay. Easton brought almost nothing she had hoped for, and was the complete opposite of what she had imagined. She came with hopes of new friends, an amazing education, and basically a new and improved life. Instead, when two students close to Reed at Easton suddenly die, she realizes her “best friends” have been lying to her about almost everything. After that everything falls apart, and the truth slowly starts to unfold. Reed’s life was full of lies, drama, and the feeling she would never know the truth. So disaster after disaster and mystery after mystery, Reed is done with all the drama. She thought. And now that the most powerful girls at her school are gone, Reed steps up. That’s going to be harder then she expects though. Every year on Halloween night, all the east coast private schools go to the most exclusive party of the year, the legacy. But this year, not one Easton student got an invitation. Everybody leaves it to Reed to make sure Easton students get to the legacy.

Kate Brian is an excellent author, and Legacy is the sixth of her series, Private. I like the whole series, and would recommend this book to many people, teenage girls specifically. Legacy, and the whole Private series offer mystery, drama, realistic fiction and is an overall good story.

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