Fallout: New Vegas

May 21, 2013

First/Third Person Shooter/RPG
Reviewed by Sullivan H

You are a courier. A traveler of the Mojave Wasteland in what used to be Nevada. Your job? To deliver messages and packages through the terror of the wasteland when no one else will. It has been just over 200 years since a nuclear war ravaged the entirety of the world and you are a descendant of those who survived in vaults scattered across the country. Las Vegas as turned into a safe haven for drug dealers, party goers, and gangs alike. You are given the job to deliver a mysterious package, a single casino chip, to a town called Primm, but are intercepted by The Great Kahns, a gang, and Benny, the infamous con man, who proceeds to shoot you in the head. You wake up later under the care of Doc Mitchell, the good natured doctor of Goodsprings, who after a few tests, releases you into the wasteland to hunt down the man who tried to kill you. From here it is up to you to decide your fate. Good, bad, vigilante, outlaw. The fate of your life as well as the Mojave is in your hands, but war. War never changes.


Fallout: New Vegas, the first stand alone game in the Fallout series, is a stunning feat of a game. From beautiful landscapes to the infamous V.A.T.S. system to risky themes, New Vegas pushes all boundaries set by video games before it. From the instant you set foot out of Doc Mitchells house to the final battle you will find yourself immersed in the amazing size and appealing look the games map has to offer. New Vegas brings back game mechanics such as V.A.T.S; an RPG style aiming system in which the player sees the probability he has to hit an enemy as well as setting up orders in which to shoot enemies. This innovated function is just one way New Vegas isn’t your average shooter game. You can’t just run into a fight guns blazing, you have to strategize your way into battle. In the game a player controls his characters life through thousands of dialogue options. A Player will find themselves having to learn how to balance stats and perks, manage ammo, and keep their weapons and armor in check if they wish to survive. The game includes hundreds of side quests as well as options on how to play a main quest. NewVegas is an extraordinary game when taking everything into consideration. The gameplay feels endless and even after you beat the game you will find yourself wanting to play it over and over again and even then will find new quests and secrets. Besides a variety of glitches that hardly effect game play, New Vegas is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys RPGs or first person shooters. The overall design and mechanics are amazing and fun and never lose their touch.

The game, realeased in 2010 can be bought from anywhere between 10 and 30 dollars depending on the edition. Many editions include extra quests and areas and I highly recommend them.

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