My Girl

May 21, 2013

Drama, Comedy
Directed by Howard Zieff
Jordan Brodfuehrer
Rated 5 out of 5

Set in a small town located in Pennsylvania, this is an emotional movie about a lonely young girl’s journey during the summer of 1972. Eleven year old Vada, based on her life, is played by Anna Chlumsky. Vada lives with Harry or her dad, played by Dan Aykroyd, who has a business in their basement, preparing dead bodies. With Vada’s mom passing, she hasn’t really been introduced to girly side of life, leaving her as a tom boy. Vada also feels responsible for her mother’s death considering she died during Vada’s birth, making Vada an emotional mess.

Vada is very quiet and shy, but she ended up becoming very good friends with a local boy, Thomas J. Sennett played by Macauly Culkin. Thomas and Vada have a very strong relationship and they would be very lost without each other. They do everything together, they are truly best friends. Vada and her dad are very similar, quiet and not really out going, but that changes when a wild and crazy makeup artist gets a job for Harry, Shelly DeVoto. Shelly is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, Harris and her get closer and closer and Vada feels very threatened by Shelly. This all changes, Vada’s emotional shell fades away as a huge tragedy strikes her. This changes how Vada looks at life, she tears herself down, but as she gets further in her life she realizes different things about people and she realizes she needs to move on, even though it will be very challenging for her.

This movie is a heartwarming film filled with many hints of humor. I feel bad for Vada she has been through a lot, but she push’s people away to fast before she can realize that they are just trying to help her. Vada is a very strong character, and I feel like I feel every emotion she has, when she is sad I feel like crying, and when she is happy I feel like laughing and smiling. Laurice Elehwany did a great job developing the characters and making the audience really get interested in Vada’s life. I am very excited to watch the next movie, My Girl 2, it looks even better than this one. I recommend this movie to everybody, boy or girl, old or young. I could see anybody liking this film. Make sure you bring your tissues because this will defiantly get the water works started.

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