Multiple Bles8ings

November 16, 2009

By Jon and Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson
Reviewed by Emily C
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
Kate Kreider had her life all planned out. She would go to college, graduate, meet the man who swept her off her feet, get married and start a family. Everything would be perfect. Order is key, and chaos must be avoided at all costs. In 1998, at a company picnic, Kate Kreider met Jon Gosselin. Kate soon was head over heels for him. A year later they were married, and were eager to start their family together. Kate was soon told that she was unable to conceive due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The couple was crushed, but they were determined so they turned to fertility treatments. After further treatments Kate finally was pregnant, and they were expecting twin girls. The Gosselins had exactly what they wanted, their simple, healthy, (and organized!), family of four. But Kate felt like something was missing. She needed something more. Kate had more fertility treatments, and after a couple of visits they were ready for their ultrasound. Kate describes that when they labeled/counted the babies that Jon, “her cheerleader”, fell to his knees sobbing when they reached Baby E. Kate and Jon are warned this is a high risk pregnancy, and they decided to take on this extreme challenge God dealt them. This book shares with the readers Kate Gosselin’s high risk pregnancy, and raising her 6 fragile newborns, and her 2 toddlers. It takes you through Kate and Jon’s extreme emotional highs and lows. Being a fan of “Jon and Kate plus 8”, I had to read this because I needed to hear their story in their own words. Even though Jon is listed as a co-author, you can tell this was told in Kate’s perspective. The tabloids make Kate look like a control freak, but many people don’t know how spiritual they are. Each chapter starts with a scripture that Kate says “helped her through each day”. I would recommend this book to anyone who is familiar with the show, or who is religious. This book does clear the air on some issues that are talked about often about this family, but it does give some of the detractors more things to say badly about them.

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