Star Wars Scoundrels

May 17, 2013

Science Fiction

Timothy Zahn ScoundrelsCover

Reviewed by: Chris Dutcher

Rated: 4 out of 5 stars

Scoundrels was a very deep and enticing book. Set right after the explosion of the first Death Star, Han solo, a smuggler, must pull of an incredible heist to pay off his debt to the evil gangster, Jabba the Hut. To help him with this job, Han hires many of his other friends to help him steal a great bounty from another evil crime lord.
Many plot twists and close calls further pull you into this great book.

Scoundrels author, Timothy Zahn, uses the technique of point of view. To better enthuse the reader with the plot I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action and Star Wars. May the force be with you!!!

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