Light: A Gone Novel

May 16, 2013

Michael Grant
Reviewed by Peter Ortu
4.5 out of 5 stars

It all happened so suddenly. One second everyone was living their lives so normally, the next everyone over the age of 15 in Perdido Beach vanished. The remaining children left in their town quickly learned they were trapped inside of a giant dome made of energy with no way of escape. Dubbed “The FAYZ”, the dome was soon revealed to be host to the horrifying lives of its residents. Many learned they were begining to mutate and develop superhuman abilities, courtesy of an omniscient evil Lightliving underground, controlling their lives. Six books and a year later, the survivors have dealt with horrors that nobody deserves to witness. Living in a world ravaged by hunger, lies, plague, and fear, they are on the verge of death. Now, as the great evil that has controlled them emerges from the underground and begins a massacre upon the land, the survivors of the FAYZ must now come together and prepare for a war to determine whether or not they will exit their prison alive. If the outside world is much safer at this point, that is…
Light is exactly what you want in the conclusion of a series that has spanned over six years. Every event seems to be explained and every tragedy is given reason. Having read the entire series since the begining and reading each installation as it was published, seeing this ending is somewhat bittersweet. On one hand, there’s the great feeling of finally learning what everything meant and seeing these characters you’ve watching evolve finally get some closure. On the other hand, it’s sad knowing that this is really the end to this fantastic series. In the grand finale of the Gone series, Michael Grant does exactly what you’d expect him to do, but still manages to evoke some of the strongest emotions I’ve ever seen an auther do. Throughout the series, he had managed to make each and every character have their own unique personality and place in the story. Now, at the end of the story, as this god of destruction is ravaging this adopted home, you find yourself being genuinely worried and heartbroken about what happens. While I do love this series and am devastated to see it finally come to an end, Light definitely the end this story deserved. With that, I suggest anyone willing to give it the time reads this six novel emotional rollercoaster.

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