Lock and Key

May 16, 2013

Realistic Fiction
By Sarah Dessen
Reviewed by Morgan Sherwood
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Ruby is the definition of independence. She doesn’t need help or sympathy from anyone. When Ruby’s mother abandons her without warning, She lives on her own in her house, working her mother’s job, paying as many bills as she can, cooking for herself, and trying to go to school. Ruby doesn’t tell anyone that her mom left and she could have happily fended for herself for a few months until she was 18 and legally allowed to live on her own. The landlord of the house comes to check on Ruby and her mom to find the house empty with clotheslines hanging across the kitchen (the dryer broke), dishes everywhere, and everything else a complete disaster. The only family Ruby has is her sister Cora who went to collage and hasn’t talked to her since. Ruby is transplanted into the rich side of town, forced to go to the preppy private school Perkins Day, and live in her sister’s mansion with Cora’s husband Jamie and their dog Roscoe. You would think that a private school, rich neighborhood, a mansion, and not to mention the cute boy that lives next door would be so bad, but to Ruby it’s torture. As time goes on, Ruby starts to understand that she wasn’t happy before when she was by herself or even when she was with her mom. Jamie seems to understand Ruby, she and Cora can be in the same room, she has a friend at school, and is even starting to open up to Nate. Things are starting to get better, but why is Nate keeping her so distant? Why does something feel so wrong?

Lock and Key is one of those books you’ll never want to put down, literally. I loved the unique storyline and great writing style. Sarah Dessen writes in a way that will make you feel as though you are experiencing what the characters are going through, the pain and the joy. This story proves that independence isn’t always the best answer; humans were created to rely on one another. When we open up to each other, we experience a greater happiness than if we were alone and are helped through our pain and fear. I recommend this book to teenage girls that like books about romance and finding yourself. Don’t be intimidated when you see how thick this book is, when you start to read it time, and the pages will fly by. It is definitely worth it.

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