Love Unlisted

May 15, 2013

By Stephanie Haddad
Realistic Fiction
Review by Jessica Fitzgerald
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

“It can’t be too hard to meet a man who’s not a co-worker and has at least twenty solid pros on his list, can it? Of course, he can’t smoke, drink, cheat on his taxes, be unemployed, have a defunct family life, listen to hip-hop music, snore, sweat profusely, or have unsavory habits, characteristic and/or afflictions. Like hairy moles. Or psoriasis. Beyond that, I’m not picky.”

Grace Shields, a young, party planning, very picky lady, manages her chaotic life with one thing: her book of lists. Lists of everything from pros and cons of boyfriends, her favorite Jackie Chan movies, reasons to stay fit, etc. Without her lists, she’s lost. No one has ever known the reason for this obsessive list writing… that is until Grace gets the job to plan Colin Kilbourne’s grandfather’s party. Colin Kilbourne is a care free rustic musician who, in graces eyes, has way too many cons to even consider. But somehow, she can’t resist his mysterious charm, But the lists… he can’t find out about the lists. She’s lost two boyfriends because of the lists, the latest being her almost fiancé. Grace knows she needs to give up on the lists, but she can’t. On top of her stressful job, un-sureness of the lists, and confusion of her love for Colin, her mother returns from rehab, and her obnoxious older brother George has to move in. Will she be able to keep her job? Is she in over her head with Colin? Will Colin be able to look past graces lists and accept Grace as she is? And what is the mysterious reason for her need to write lists anyway?

Love Unlisted is a fantastic book with unexpected twists in every chapter. Romance, broken hearts, excitement, and complete shockers leave you always wanting more. This book is a page turner for sure and I would highly recommend it to girls who like cute romantic novels what bits of humor and jaw dropping twists.

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