Fun Run

May 21, 2013

Multiplayer Racing
Reviewed by Davis Eastman
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Fun Run, and Dirtybit game, goes viral with over 19 million players worldwide. With the option to play with up to three friends, plus you, or against three random worldwide players. With the choice of so many different character choices, this game will always keep you entertained. So you race on maps, everyone runs the same speed until you get power ups. There are many different power ups, the best is the shield. There is a bunch of different maps to play on too. Once you are connected with three other people there is a vote between two maps. Some maps are green and have no extra things on the map, but the Candy maps have Caramel which slows you down. And the Red makes you bounce higher, finally the blue makes you run faster. Finally, the rating system, everyone begins the same, with a rating of 1500. For first place your rating increases 15 points, for second it increases 5, with a third place finish your rating decreases 5, and if you place fourth your rating decreases 15 points. Race all your friends on your friends list to become the best with the highest rating!

I love this game, I play it any chance I get. It is always fun, and it will even get you a little mad if you lose. It satisfies your desires for a fun multiplayer game to play with all of your friends. The ability to place is so easy, almost everyone now has an Iphone or an android, and it is compatible with the Ipad and iPod. This game will take up 12.8 mb of your storage on whatever your device is, with is very small. With somewhat frequent updates with usually include new maps or avatars this game will always keep you excited and ready to play! Personally I love this game and always enjoy playing it!

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