May 14, 2013

Fiction/Young Adult/Horror
By Michael Grant
Reviewed by Sullivan Harris
Rated 5/5

Light, the conclusion to the epic Gone series by Michael Grant, brings readers once again back into the struggle for survival in the dome encased Perdido Beach, California, entitled the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) respectively after everyone 15 and older disappeared. It has been three days since the dome suddenly lost its opaque quality, kids are swarming to the barrier to see loved ones and vice versa for the parents. But the problem is, with all the kids silently communicating with their parents, there is no one working in the fields meaning no food for the inhabitants of the FAYZ. Too bad this isn’t our heroes’biggest problem. The mysterious mass known as the Gaiaphage has taken a human form in the body if Diana’s baby and is growing stronger and stronger as time passes. With the trusted Edilio in charge and the sly business-man Albert getting kids back to work, mutant Sam Temple, harnessing the ability to shoot lasers from his hands, must team up with his rival brother with the power to move objects with his mind, Caine Soren to hunt down and kill the gaiaphage before it kills every kid in the FAYZ. Welcome to the endgame.

With a series and exciting and dauntless as Gone, concluding the series in a way that leaves all fans satisfied is a tough business, but Michael Grant does so with the sort of brutal flare that only he can bring to the table. Throughout the six book series, Grant creates a large cast of characters that are all equal in heart and thought. Each one has their own thought out and detailed motivations and goals, all of which pertain and enhance the story. One of the things that I am most impressed about with this book is how he is able to give all of the characters a good ending. He makes sure that every story arch feels fulfilled before he ends off the series. Grant also tackles another theme that most young adult authors wont tread in, religion. He uses religion as a very big device throughout the series, having highly religious characters become faithless and having faithless ones find religion. I really think that this is a major role in what sets Light and the rest of the Gone series apart from all other books. He also does a great job at applying young (1-15) characters into these gory and terrible situations. This book ends what was a great and thought provoking series with a bang that will leave any fan of the series satisfied

I would highly recommend the Gone series to fans of Stephen King or like graphic and thrilling stories.


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