May 12, 2013

Science Fiction
By Ann Aguire
Reviewed by Noah McMullin
Rated 3.5 out of 5

Deuce is finally safe. Safe from the ravenous monsters she calls ‘Freaks’, safe from the horrors of betrayal, banishment, and constant danged. The question is; why is she so unhappy? Deuce no longer has to fight at all times simply too stay alive. She used to live underground in a small civilization known as the Enclave, or College. After she and her partner, Fade, were banished for a crime they didn’t commit, they were forced to go above ground, a land in ruins because of a nuclear holocaust. After a horrendous journey, they met with a young girl named Tegan, and a vicious warrior named Stalker. They were all taken into a successful civilization known as, Salvation where food is plentiful, they’re safe, and are trying to keep the world normal. The problem is, the Freaks who were once dangerous for their pure numbers, are now becoming intelligent and forming strategies. The freaks are attacking stronger  when Salvation is least expecting, and they are slowly losing control. Aside from this, Deuce has her own personal problems. In the enclave, even though she’s only 15, she was a respected huntress and fighter. But in Salvation, she’s seen as a child. Everyone looks at her like a freak because of her scars she earned as a huntress, and her lack of knowledge of the modern world. All Deuce wants to do is fight again, and she may get the chance  due to the Freak’s growing intelligence. Deuce must deal with a new world, horrible monsters, and her own personal demons including something that the people of Salvation refer to as “Love”. Deuce will have to go through things she never imagined to survive in this new world

Outpost is a fantastic novel filled with many genres including science fiction, action, horror, and even romance. Outpost is the sequel to Enclave,  also a great book. Ann Aguire uses literary elements such as flashbacks to enhance the book and tell the story.  She constantly refers back to Enclave with several paragraphs of quotes to let readers know Deuce’s feelings. Aguire also uses first person narration because using Deuce as a strong female narrator makes the reader experience what Deuce is. Anyone who enjoys The Hunger Games will also enjoy Outpost because they have many similarities such as the strong female narriator.  Outpost is an amazing novel that will keep readers thrilled until the end.

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